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Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi

General Guidelines for writing a B.Tech/M.Tech Report/Thesis

C.P. Ravikumar

Your thesis must be organized as follows.

    1. Thesis cover, including the title, your name, entry number, supervisor's name, department, IIT emblem, institute's name.
    2. Thesis cover (same as above, on regular paper)
    3. Certificate from your supervisor(s) stating that the work is genuine and has not been submitted to any other degree [Number this page (i)]
    1. Acknowledgements (Thank your supervisors, lab staff, and anyone else who has contributed to the thesis) [Number this page (ii)]
    1. Abstract (1-page summary of your thesis work) (Number this page (iii)]
    1. Table of contents (including certificate, acknowledgements, abstract, list of figures, list of tables, chapters, references, and any appendices)
    1. List of figures (optional) (number this page (v), (vi), etc.)
    2. List of tables (optional) (number this page (vi), (vii), etc.)
    3. Chapters
    1. References
    1. For a book, give the name(s) of author(s), title of the book, publisher, edition, and year of publication.
    2. For a journal paper, give the name(s) of authors, title of the paper, name of the journal, month and year of publication, volume and issue numbers (optional), and page numbers.
    3. For a conference paper, give the name(s) of authors, title of the paper, name of the conference (expand any abbreviation), place where the conference was held, month and year of publication, and page numbers.
    4. For a thesis, give the name(s) of authors, nature of the thesis (B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D), Department's name, University's name, year of publication.
    5. For a web page on the Internet, give the author's name/company's name and the URL. Include the year as well.
    1. Appendices.

Other things to remember



Project Presentation

Work that is not well presented will not be appreciated, however good that work may be! Follow these general guidelines in making a project presentation. You must also make it a point to attend as many technical seminars from invited experts so that you can learn the art of making slides and making oral presentations.

Making the slides

Delivering the presentation

Questions and Answers

About Creativity

Let us not follow where the path may lead. Let us go instead where there’s no path and leave a trail.

Japanese Proverb

Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. You will be certain to find something you have never seen before

Alexander Graham Bell

Creativity often rewards the non-conformist, the iconoclast, the generalist who treats life not as a linear fast track to success, but as a forest of rich discoveries that one can meander through, creating one’s own trail.

Ho Kwon Ping

The creative person prefers the richness of the disordered to the stark barrenness of the simple.

Donald W. MacKinnon

The common cliché is "get real". Our watchword will be "get bizzare". Real solutions to problems (true creativity) come from fantasy rather than from file cabinet in our head.

Fred M. Amran

Detecting the wrong answer requires intelligence. To be able to ask the right question requires creativity.