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List of Journal Papers on High Performance Computing

  1. C.P. Ravkumar.Parallel Search-and-Learn technique for solving large scale travelling salesperson problems.Knowledge Based Systems. Butterworth-Hienemann Ltd. Vol.7, No.3, September 1994.pp.169 - 174.

  2. C.P. Ravkumar.Multimedia Information Systems.Published in te periodical Kannada Adhyayana published by the Hampi University, Karnataka India. Edited by Dr. H.S. Raghavendra Rao. 1994.pp.233 - 239.

  3. C.P. Ravkumar and A.K. Gupta. A Genetic Algorithm for Mapping Tasks to Reconfiguravle Parallel Processor.IEE Proceedings -- E, 142, March 1995, 81 - 86.

  4. C.P. Ravkumar and A. Kuchlous. Two-way Partitioning of Shuffle-Exchange and DeBruijn Graphs.International Journal of Computer Systems -- Science and Engineering, Vol 10, Issue 2, April 1995, 131 -- 138.

  5. C.P. Ravkumar and R. Sethi.SHARP -- A Parallel Shape Recognition Algorithm. The Journal of Microprocessors and Microsystems, Butterworth-Hienemann Ltd, Vol. 19, Issue 3, April 1995, 131 -- 138.

  6. C.P. Ravkumar and N. Vedi. Heuristic and Neural Algorithms for Mapping Tasks to Reconfigurable Parallel Processors.To appear in the journal of Microprocessors and Microprogramming (EUROMICRO journal), Elsevier Science Publishers, Vol. 41, Issue 2, May 1995, 137 - 151.

  7. C.P. Ravkumar.Parallel r-dimensional Placement on a Vector Minisupercomputer.Journal of Computer System-Science and Engineering. Vol. 10, No. 3. July 1995, 138 - 143.

  8. C.P. Ravkumar and N. Agrawal.Adaptive Routing Algorithm for Massively Parallel Computers.To appear in IETE Technical Review, India, July 1995.